Creating A Fun Basement Environment


If you have children, then you know that they can sometimes become bored when they have nothing to do outside or inside unless they are playing a video game. Transform the basement area into a large playroom for your children. A basement remodeling Northern VA company can offer suggestions about how to change the flooring and the walls, performing much of the work for you so that you can concentrate on the finer details. Put cabinets on the walls to hold everything from board games to videos and books. You could also use an open shelving system so that children can easily reach the toys and other items that they want instead of asking for assistance all the time. Install carpet that is stain-resistant. Create a relaxing area of the room with a comfortable chair and a lamp for children who want to read or older children who want a different place to do their homework besides the kitchen table.

Movies might be something that you enjoy with the family, but it might be expensive taking everyone to a theater. You can remodel your basement to look like a movie theater with comfortable armchairs that are staggered to different heights using pallets underneath them. This will create an appearance of the inside of the movie theater with rows of seats. Another option is pallets that are stacked at different heights with cushions and pillows on top of them. You could also set up a few loveseats with a table in the middle for all of the snacks that you enjoy. Install a large television screen on one wall and lights that you can dim to give the feeling of being inside the theater.

If you’re not sure what kind of space you want to use the basement for, then turn it into a multipurpose room for the entire family. Create a living area with couches and a coffee table as well as a television and a separate area with a bar, microwave and sink for preparing drinks and snacks. You could also set up a pool table or another type of game for everyone to enjoy when they are in the basement.

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