How a Nice Lawn Increases the Value of a Home


When people talk about the house of their dreams, they often focus on the interior of their home. However, some of the nicest homes on the planet are nice not solely because of what is on the inside but also because of what is on the outside. An attractive landscape goes a long way in increasing the curb appeal of a home and in increasing the value of it.

Many people understand how having an attractive lawn can add it to the value of their home. At the same time, they are focused on taking care of projects inside the home. So their lawn is virtually neglected. When they do decide to start working on their lawn, they feel overwhelmed. They’re not exactly sure how to get the most potential out of the lawn. In some cases, a good place to start is by learning more about sprinkler system St Louis companies and seeing what options they have to offer.

The next step is to simply refresh the appearance of the lawn. A person can look at their lawn in much of the same way that they look at their wardrobe. Most people make changes to their wardrobe every couple of years to keep it looking fresh. Unless they are going for a retro vibe, they’re not going to go outside wearing the clothing that they wore 20 years ago. Why not take the same step with the yard? Give it a small makeover. This is going to add value. Doing touchup things like planting a tree, installing a flagstone walkway, or adding a couple of stone planters may only cost a few hundred dollars. However, if it’s done right, it could increase the value of a home by thousands of dollars.

Part of having a visually appealing lawn that’s going to attract people to a home when it’s time to sell is knowing where to put the color and what texture to add. Professionals refer to this as softscaping. The idea is to place shrubs and plants in the yard in a way that make it interesting to look at all year round. This is important if a person lives in an area where the winter season or the fall season is not conducive to plant growth. This would mean that a person wants to have a mixture of plants that grow and die every year as well as those that can survive the winter.

Taking steps to improve the interior of the home is great. However, one should never forget the added value that comes from having an attractive lawn.

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