The uniqueness of Baroque furniture


How to decorate a house in the Baroque style? There are so many ways and furniture, but above all details and accessories to give a luxurious and opulent touch to the rooms of your home. It is not necessary to choose an antique furniture, though often this is the image that immediately opens to the eyes. In fact, Baroque style has always been characterized by rich decorations, golden details, insistent and important, now in disuse because too excessive, even considered kitsch. So, there is no need to exaggerate but just to choose the right furnishing accessories to give an exclusive touch and even modern to your home. Let’s find out how to decorate with tasteful baroque furniture.

If you choose the Baroque style, you must carefully select the chandeliers. They will have to be rich, full of crystals, even colored. There are various types, some classics, such as those of Murano, but many other very modern. There are even table lamps interpreted and revisited in a new contemporary key. The color of the walls is not too important, but if you just want to do things right for you, decorate at least one of the wallpapers with style depictions. In the bedrooms as a living room and a bedroom the carpet plays a crucial role: choose it in contrast to the color of the room, so that it is not all too much and, to go for safe, point to a neutral dye.
In the living room, the dining table is of great importance: Baroque furniture(as already anticipated) should not be excessive, and sometimes it is advisable to introduce furniture belonging to other styles to make the environment lighter and less serious.

But following the baroque trends in the letter, the armchairs are perfect in every room, even in the bathroom. Over time they have been reinterpreted in every way, material and even printing, so that there are backs that depict tulips and seats with pop art fantasies. The sofa in the living room will have to be impressive, while in the bedroom you will have to choose a very large, beautifully decorated headboard. The furniture, in general, has curved legs, also very worked with natural details. Finally, small golden elements will help to give a unique touch to your Baroque decor. Cutlery, plates, vases and mirrors will end your great furnishing operation.

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