Tips For Hanging Tapestries On Living Room Walls


Tapestries are great decors for rooms which require a little hype. Apart from giving a living room good texture, they dampen the house noise. They hardly break and look spectacular in the living room when hung properly. There are so many ways to hang tapestries and this can be achieved in simple steps as described in this article.


  • A wall tapestry
  • Curtain rings and clips
  • Curtain rod set
  • Drill
  • Scissors

Method #1

  1. Hang the curtain rods on your preferred living room wall. Make sure that their lengths are correct before making drills
  2. Cut slits of 1” long across the top of the tapestry. Divide the entire length of tapestry by the number of slits you need to get the length of each slit. For precise cuts, mark the boundaries with colored pencil. Be sure to cut away from the so that the rings don’t pull through.
  3. If you don’t want to cut your precious tapestry, divide it into imaginary slits but do not cut. Instead, clamp the parts with binder clips. Use the looped ends of the clips to slide into curtain rods.
  4. Through every slit, join the rings on the shower curtain
  5. Use the bracket rods to hang and spread out your decor

Method #2


  • Tapestry
  • Scissors
  • Big screws
  • Drill
  • Rope
  1. Take the measurements of the tapestry and drill screws at desired spots into the wall. Cut slits along the tapestry top which must be large enough to accommodate the rope. Longer slits should be cut for a thick rope while shorter slits are ideal for thinner ropes.
  2. Cut the rope into the length of your choice and allow extra size on every side for double knots
  3. Through the slits, weave the rope keeping in mind the length that should be left on either side.
  4. On the large screws drilled into the wall, tie the extra rope length on both sides. The screw head must be big enough to prevent any slides of the knot.

After picking your ideal tapestry wall hanging, you obviously want to mount it at a spot where it will be conspicuous. What better place than on the wall of a living room? Use this guide if you want to obtain a spectacular drape to your walls.

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