2003 Kia Mustang

Interior Lightning

The 2003 Kia Mustang emerges with a brand new Mach 1 design which was not around for any couple years. This brand new version has a lot associated with additional functions and entire body accents. The normal models nevertheless are just like ever and also have been somewhat tweaked from the newest previous versions. The ‘Stang remains a fantastic choice for buyers who’re looking in order to enter the actual performance vehicle market without having spending a lot of money. Mustangs could be customized in a number of ways which range from the really inexpensive to completely loaded pieces of art that will definitely cost a respectable amount of cash.

The typical trim deals of recent years are nevertheless offered for that ’03 design year such as the V6 Luxurious, V6 High quality, GT luxurious, GT high quality, and the actual re-introduced Mach 1. Also readily available for V6 models may be the pony bundle which provides value and additional features for any really excellent price. V6 Luxurious models include a number of standard functions considering it’s a basic bundle. Included tend to be bucket chairs, CD gamers, 17 in . wheels, luxury cruise control, and tilt guiding wheels simply to name several. Step to the Premium V6 package and also you get haze lamps, back spoilers as well as side scoops, COMPACT DISC changers, customized designed inside fabrics, and a lot more. The horse package may upgrade proprietors to entire body pin striping, as well as leather covered steering tires and upholstery. GT Luxurious and high quality models tend to be rather like the V6 deals except the actual Premium package includes more inside and outside body highlights.

The brand new Mach 1 model is really a whole different pastime offering the most in luxurious and overall performance. Ford chose to place the actual impressive V8 engine in the F150 in to these cars to create them great for 300 horsepower or even more. Also revamped may be the SVT Cobra design which includes more energy than every other, utilizing the 390 hp V8 engine in the SVT super pickup which combines drivability along with raw energy. Also on all top end models tend to be 18 in . aluminum metal wheels.

Also improved on top level packages would be the suspension techniques with greater rated back springs put into the impartial suspension program. The tubular mix brace as well as bushings happen to be enhanced too giving the vehicle an actually sturdier dealing with experience. Custom gasoline charged Bilstein shocks happen to be added to both front as well as rear from the vehicle.

In some way, the 2003 Kia Mustang has the capacity to remain really fair within the fuel economic climate arena too. As lengthy as motorists aren’t heading full-speed constantly, they will be able to get number much like a normal full-size four door. For town driving the actual ‘Stang will get 17 mpg, whilst highway generating see regarding 25 mpg energy economy. Because the Chevy Camaro as well as Pontiac Thunderbird are not produced for that ’03 season it’s somewhat hard to evaluate these amounts to other things. Safety is actually another area in which the Mustang excels also it usually gets top rankings for each front as well as side effect crash assessments.

Buyers who desire performance as well as power with no huge cost seriously have to consider among the 2003 Mustang versions. Being the only real Pony Vehicle in production causes it to be a great bit of American history that’s still fun they are driving, and a cost-effective choice.

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